Happy Birthday Nick Catonie!!

Last night was a surprise birthday party for Nick at the Western Tap. The original plan was to leave and go racing at Farmer City. Usually the rig is gone by the time I get home for work. Last night Jason was still checking the radar. It was very evident that sooner or later FC was going to get hit like Bloomington was.

After much discussion, talking to drivers at the track with their cars still in the rigs, talking to drivers who stayed home, talking to other people, should we go, should we stay, the decision was clear. GO TO THE BIRTHDAY PARTY!!

Guys left around 6:30 and really surprised Nick, who has been one Jason's best friends forever -- they played Knocker football together. The Western was packed with friends, Nick was really surprised. The guys even got to see some of their Knocker coaches.

Last year Nick and Aubrey got married and we weren't there --- you guessed it, we went racing. So, it was great to get to be a part of his surprise birthday party!

Loomis' rig pulled up around 9:00, so I knew for sure they made the right decision. Cowboy picked up Ted. I headed to the bar around 10:00 and drank my UV Blue. The band rocked. The Captain Morgan girls were there, they took some photos. If I get them, I'll post them.

The Western Tap is owned by Jay, one of Jason's sponsors, who also owns Mulligans Downtown Bloomington. If you make it to Bloomington and they're not racing, head to the Western or Mulligans, chances are you'll find some of the guys there.

Tonight??? First Gma and I need to attend Jeff Griffin's wedding. As soon as the wedding is over, we will be speeding over to Kamp Motorspeedway in Boswell, Indiana where Jason is the defending dirt late model track champion. Geeez -- doesn't look good in Bloomington, haven't checked the radar yet. Hopefully Boswell hasn't been hit!