Austin Feger's Mohawk

The Mohawks

Left Jason Feger with his mohawk.

HELL Tour has really been that for the Feger Team

Hmmmm -- let's see.
It is time for a little whining on my part.
The guys luck in the Summernationals has really been bad!!!

1. Lead most of KLMS Summernational -- have not one but two tires go nearly flat on lap 27.
2. Have a trailer flat every night of the first week.
3. Qualify bad at KAMP :(
4. Several tracks were for bottom dwellers.
5. Motor blows. Austin drives all night. Next night put the motor in. Drive back to Paducah.
6. New motor overheats!!
7. Time to come home again and figure out what the H is going on.

Check Out the Feger Crew!!!

Bet you might not recognize the guys during the Summernationals, if you see some punks -- take a double look!! It might be Austin, Devin, Posio or Cowboy.

Austin and Devin were the first, today Posio and Cowboy. Jason has been focused so much on the cars, he hasn't had the time to complete his deal.

Since the races started this season, they've been telling me they are going to cut their hair in mohawks for the SN.

They've done it. Austin's is a major mohawk as he'd been letting his hair grow out. Devin's is barely noticeable. Posio and Cowboy's are decent size. It is hard telling what Jason's will look like as he's been letting his hair grow out too!!!

Hell Tour Begins June 12 at Kentucky Lake Motorspeedway

The UMP Summernationals Hell Tour starts this Thursday at Kentucky Lake. From my perspective it has pretty much started at our house the week before the Dream.

I love the Summernationals, just hate the fact that the tracks are spread out so far!! I had planned on going to KLMS this Thursday, was going to make the trek and take Voche' the dog Austin rescued last year.

Now work is getting in the way!!! Hopefully, I can get out of a meeting early to pick up Smack and head to Brownstown. If not, we'll be at Kamp for sure!!!

Jason's helmet job was completed Saturday in between me running back and forth to the computer to find out what was going on with the Dream. It will drive me nuts being here while they're racing. Thank goodness for 4m and Dirtondirt!!

New Wicked Cemetary Shirts!!!

Have you seen the Feger Team's pit cart? It is wrapped in an wild green cemetary design. That design was the basis for a screen saver that you can download at the media gallery on

We've made some slight modifications and created a radical new tee for Feger -- the black car is coming out of the Feger Cemetary on the front. On the back you'll get the cemetary with it's gates closed and all of the advertisers partnering with Feger Brothers racing.
The new cemetary shirts will be available at the Kamp Motor Speedway Summernationals this Saturday. Stop by Kamp's souvenir stand or TC Collectibles.

NEW Shirts & Hoodies

After receiving multiple requests for a retro - skull shirt and hoodie, team Feger Racing brought 'em back.

Get your shirt after the races!

Shirts sizes S - XL are $20. Add $2.00 for XXL or larger.

Hoodies S - XL are $35.00. Add $5.00 for hoodies XXL or larger.

Limited quantites of XXX and XXXX available.

The Dream That Wasn't

Feger Racing worked all week before the famed Dream last Friday and Saturday at Eldora Speedway in Rossberg, Ohio. The team had planned on leaving late Thursday evening.

The team was repairing the damage from Macon, plus putting new side panels and graphics on the car. Around mid-night, Jason smelled something burning. While charging the race car battery had became enflamed, causing a major mess.

Jason had to run to Waldens to get a new battery around 1:00 Friday morning. Next he had to build a new battery box, as the old box wouldn't work with the new battery. Life sucks sometimes, but at least the guys weren't charging the battery at the track while asleep in the rig or while in the house. Things could have been really bad as typically a drum of racing fuel could have been right next to the battery.

At the Dream, about 15 cars were left to qualify with Jason and Jeep in the group. The rain started coming and delayed qualfications. Officials decided to requalify the entire field and only give each car one lap. Going out late was a major disadvantage, especially without a second lap.
Feger qualified 66th. He finished 12th in his heat, ending the goal of a Dream start.

Next on tap -- the Hell Tour -- the UMP Summernationals, kicking off at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway in Calvert City, Kentucky!

Disappointing Macon Tri-Track Challenge

Team Feger headed to Macon on Sun, June 1 after a rain out at the second stop of the Tri-Track Challenge in Pevely, Missouri.

Feger finished second in his heat to gain an eighth spot starting spot in the feature. A few laps into the feature Jason was passing a car for fifth spot, when the driver drove over the nose of the car, crunching the fender into the left front tire which caused Jason to spin in the turn as the car would not turn. Jason went to the rear of the 24 car field for causing the yellow.

While moving up to tenth, passing another car, Feger was on the outside and shoved into the fence in number three turn.


Feger Wins Feature Kamp Motor Speedway and Second Place at Paducah

Feger Racing continues to have a good season going by winning the Kamp Motor Speedway feature event on Saturday, May 24. The next Friday on May 30, team Feger headed South to Paducah Kentucky. Jason started on the front row of the feature outside of Terry English. English jumped to the lead on the high side, but had a flat tire. On a restart, Feger jumped to the lead. Jason had a substantial lead twice in the feature going through lapped traffic. Shirley and Erb were not able to catch him.

While Jason was building his lead, NASCAR star Kenny Schrader was moving up in the field. A yellow tighten the field. Feger retained his lead. Two more yellows would follow, the last with about six laps to go. Schrader and Feger swapped leads twice every lap for five laps.

On the last lap, coming out of two Schrader passed Jason. Feger was not able to get Schrader back. Once in the pits Feger understood why he was having difficulty with the car as the right rear tire was nearly flat.

An excited Jason talked to Kenny after the race. Schrader was equally as excited, telling Jason he loved the fact they were able to slide each other and not touch, plus that was the largest purse Kenny had ever won in his own late model. Both drivers drove a exciting race.