Feger Wins Heat at the Dream, Eldora Speedway

Geeeez, I haven't posted in such a long time. So very sorry. We've been SLAMMED.
So what's been going on -- all kinds of stuff -- so where to start --

Jason qualified pretty darn good 21st out of 116 cars. Putting him on the pole of a loaded third heat. Outside Jason was his good friend Jeep Van Wormer. Three bad starts forced a single file restart. On that restart -- Jason was on a string around the top of the track. Jason thought Jeep was right on his tail due to the fact he usually would have been. Unfortunately, Jason couldn't see Austin signaling him due to the glare of the sun off the rigs in the infield.

In the feature Jason started fourth -- AWESOME!!!! There really was a chance for him to have a top 5 or 10, he was running a very solid 5th around lap 30 he started to fade. Come to find out, the right rear was losing pressure. That meant the stagger would be all messed up on the car. DARN IT!! But as they say, that's racing.

Here's the video from the heat race thanks to ABON!! Thanks so much ABON!!! aka Tony.